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Former VERO Team Members

Bigelow, Rebecca

Rebecca Bigelow, MS

MS graduate

Rebecca received her BS in Biomedical Sciences from Texas A&M University and her MS degree 2023 from the Department of Agricultural Sciences at West Texas A&M and the VERO Partnership. Her research focused on evaluating effects of various antimicrobials on the whole blood transcriptome of commercial feedlot cattle when administered as a metaphylactic treatment for bovine respiratory disease. Rebecca is currently pursuing her PhD at Kansas State University.

Green, Mollie

Mollie Green, MS

MS graduate

Mollie received her Bachelor of Science degree from West Texas A&M University and her MS degree in 2023 from West Texas A&M University and the VERO Partnership. Her graduate research focuses on the overall use of genetic and genomic technologies for beef cattle systems for beef cattle health improvement. As Mollie continues her research in this field, she aims to support industry leaders with information that can be used to improve decision making in areas such as cattle health, production efficiency, and global sustainability.

McAtee, Taylor

Taylor McAtee, MS

MS graduate

Taylor received her MS degree in Animal Science from West Texas A&M University in 2022. She evaluated the impact of different adminstration routes of respiratory vaccinations on the respiratory microbiome of high-risk feedlot cattle. She is currently a PhD student at Kansas State University studying commercial beef production systems to enable science-based management decisions.