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Our Values

VERO Norms and Commitments

At VERO, we focus every day on developing our TEAM, and believe that by helping others we can achieve far greater things than if we serve ourselves and our interests first (“help two others before you serve yourselves and you will never lack for anything”). We belong to the VERO Team because we believe in the vision, mission, and values of the group. Accordingly, the products or successes of our efforts belong to the group collectively as much or more than they belong to the individuals. We promise to work diligently to create a culture of abundance within our group. We do not tolerate selfishness, nor an “I-me-mine” approach to our interactions and work. We believe that following these commitments will help us achieve these goals.

We care for one another.

  • We make the time to get to know one another on a personal basis, not just at work.

  • We jump in and help when it is needed and ask for help when we need it.

  • We actively work to enable the success of others at all times, celebrating the victories of others and consoling their losses.

  • We commit to helping everyone grow professionally and personally.

  • We understand and appreciate everyone’s schedules and commitments, and respect these priorities.

  • We trust each other and believe that teammates have our best interests at heart at all times.

We are inclusive.

  • We welcome participation and collaboration from anyone that is excited by our work and is willing to share our norms, commitments, and vision.

  • We value and celebrate the differences in perspectives, backgrounds, and expertise in our group.

  • We involve the right people in our efforts to help ensure we achieve excellence.

  • Everyone’s voice matters and is encouraged.

  • Everyone’s opinion is heard and valued.

  • We strive to minimize ego regarding our own accomplishments and maximize our pride in the accomplishments of others.

  • We share credit freely and generously.

We consistently focus on making effective communication a priority.

  • We communicate with one another frequently, keeping everyone informed regarding collaborative work.

  • No one is shy about asking questions.

  • We share information openly.

  • We make room for everyone to speak, and we take time to listen.

  • It is always acceptable to express an opinion, but we do not overly push a personal agenda, and we consciously make room to hear other viewpoints and perspectives.

  • We strive to communicate clearly, and to be caring and compassionate in our interactions.

We recognize that disagreement is natural and expected whenever we interact with others.

  • At VERO, there are no problems, only opportunities for growth.

  • The occurrence of conflict is expected, but not a problem, per se. However, failure to work to resolve disagreements is a problem and not acceptable in the VERO Team.

  • We ask questions before we rush to judgment about one another. We always start from an assumption that actions are well-intended and that motives are innocent.

  • If we are experiencing difficulties with someone, we strive to resolve challenges with that person before we talk to others.

  • We don’t tolerate passive-aggressive behavior.

  • We will be patient with others when we experience conflict.

  • If someone brings their concerns about conflict to us, our first response is to listen.

  • We have a responsibility to the group to help resolve conflicts among others.

  • We believe in the vision and good intent of the group, so much so that we will willingly accept a decision that is inconsistent with our viewpoint.

  • We are willing to accept the leadership of others, even when we disagree.

  • We consider the expertise and training of our team members and defer to those viewpoints when appropriate.

We focus on excellence in our work.

  • To the best of our ability, we respond to requests in a timely fashion and meet reasonable deadlines that are set for us.

  • We follow through on issues.

  • We do not micromanage one another, and we believe the work will get done as promised.

  • We strive to never over-promise and under-deliver.

We believe in personal and group accountability regarding our actions and our words.

  • We submit ourselves to accountability regarding all expectations of our positions and those stated in this document.

  • To meet these accountability expectations, we expect other members of the VERO team to make us aware of instances when we need to make corrections in our actions or words.

  • We commit to continual self-assessment regarding our behavior and actions to identify areas that need improvement.

  • We commit to fully considering and addressing issues of performance when brought to our attention.

We believe in TEAM and a culture of TEAMWORK.

  • We believe that a strong culture of TEAM and TEAMWORK are among our most valued attributes.

  • We include values related to TEAMWORK and collegiality in all of our position expectations and descriptions.

  • We strongly consider these values in reviewing and deciding which people we will hire or collaborate with.

  • We educate people about these values in onboarding new hires and introducing collaborators to our group.

  • We promote these values in the continual mentoring of all personnel.

  • We weight these values highly in our regular review of all personnel.

  • We applaud and credit excellence in TEAMWORK when considering promotion and remuneration.

  • We believe that the number of people that you are charged with leading is a direct reflection of the number of people you are expected to help every day.

  • Anyone that joins our group is expected to add to our expression of TEAM culture, more than simply adhering to these statements.