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MEG resources

R programming

  • RStudio cheatsheets
    • This website has tons of helpful cheatsheets for various R packages and analyses methods. Also includes cheatsheets translated to other languages.
  • YaRrr! The Pirate‚Äôs Guide to R
    • This is a free online book that goes over many useful topics in a quirky, but fun way! Follow along with our simplified R scripts in Lesson 1 and reference this book if you have any other questions.
  • R programming coursera course
    • This free coursera course goes in-depth with all of the functionality of R. It combines videos with example R scripts for you to follow along with. We recommend this course after you have been playing around with R a bit and want to learn more about the details into how R works.
  • Introduction to R workshop
    • We haven't personally tried this workshop, but they have a combination of videos, slides, and R code for various topics.

Data visualization


  • Explain shell
    • cool website that explains bash commands piece by piece